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2022-05-19 documentation

  • changed: overall structure --> the OpenScan2 repository will serve as a central hub for all informations concerning OpenScan (i.e. firmware, hardware, tutorials ...)

2022-05-11 beta

  • added: changelog and version (finally ;)
  • added: create an update using the node-red-backend inject node ("create beta" and "prepare image creation" in "update" tab)
  • fixed: Error handling in flask (when no preview is taken)
  • fixed: Error when upload failed + node red restarted (multiple instances of curl)
  • fixed: When closing the browser session/missing the popup after the routine, the data set got lost (if this happens, just restart the device and it will be moved to the right location)

2022-04-26 beta

  • added: donation button ;)
  • fixed: the wonderful camera position algorithm was faulty and a bit inefficient
  • fixed: downscaling the preview image caused the preview to disappear (when crop value was to high)
  • fixed: delay_before and delay_after are now properly applied, so that you can set a delay before/after taking a photo
  • fixed: updates might crash the selected camera --> it is now necessary to re-select the camera after certain updates

2022-04-21 beta

  • added: timer (ETA) until a routine is done
  • added: showing progress, while files are being split (before uploading to OpenScanCloud)
  • added: infotexts (FINALLY :)
  • added: several stats/device information
  • fixed: combining two sets did not delete the smaller set

2022-04-20 beta & main

  • !fixed: pi cameras (v1.3, v2.1 and HQ) finally work and can be simply selected in the settings menu
  • !fixed: Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4 work! (the main limiting factor now is the RAM, where at least 1GB RAM is needed)
  • fixed: live preview sometimes did not work. This has been a network speed issue and has been solved by downscaling the image (resolution can be set)
  • fixed: it is now possible to delete individual sets.
  • fixed: it is now possible to use all LEDs.
  • added: Turntable mode (disable the second axis)
  • added: Pause scan. You can pause and un-pause the scan by simply pressing the button
  • added: second scan pass. When one scan is done, you can immediately run a second pass. This is especially useful, if you want to re-orient the object
  • added: auto-timeout. Turn off the ringlight (todo: and motors) after 300 seconds (value can be set)
  • added: diskspace warning. When free diskspace drops below a given threshold (4GB by default), a warning message will appear
  • changed: new background image, minor design changes
  • changed: log file can be easily generated and downloaded by clicking a button (update&info tab)