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OpenScan - 3D Scanner


OpenScan is a modular concept, which can be used to build your photogrammetry based 3D scanner. You can simply use the individual modules and adjust it to your needs (i.e. firmware, 3d printed design, PCB, photogrammetry cloud processing ...). The center piece is a Raspberry Pi driven camera/motor controller, which can be used to drive various photogrammetry rigs.

The project is based on the contribution of many great and open-minded people by doing tutorials on YouTube, comments on Reddit, publications on GitHub and many other places. Without all those voluntary contributors, this project would not be possible at all.

Setup and use your scanner

Use the navigation bar on this site or the following links to get your scanner up and running:

Bugs & Feature requests

If you like the project and want to help to make it even better, please consider supporting in any of the following ways:

  • report a bug or create a feature request - this can be a minor typo in the firmware, a missing piece in the documentation or a major design revision. Don't be afraid, if you have no programming background: This guide contains all the information you need.
  • share the project and scanning results with the world - the more people join, the faster the project will improve
  • improve the design or electronics
  • help with the documentation
  • create video tutorials or any other educational resources


Feel free to join one of the following channels to engage with the wonderful OpenScan community.

Underlying repositories

If you want to take part in the development of a specific part of the OpenScan system, feel free to join: