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A collection of amazing 3d scans


If you want to share your best 3D scan, please follow this link and open an issue. Provide some more details about your scan, so that others can learn :)

  • a short and decriptive title
  • Photo / Rendering (you can easily drag&drop images and videos into the issue form)
  • Some details about the capturing (scanner used, surface preparation, how many photos, which software, ..., anything worth mentioning)
  • optional: Link to 3D file (e.g. on SketchFab)
  • optional: provide a link with the dataset for others to play with (e.g. GoogleDrive/DropBox)

Please make sure, that the scan does not violate any intellectual property/copyrights!

By submitting the above mentioned details, you agree, that the given information can be used throughout the OpenScan Organisation